Regarding NUTRITION | impartial Diet Chart | Diet table in Quarantine Days

Regarding NUTRITION | impartial Diet Chart | Diet table in Quarantine Days Today we discuss something new and different and to do this we start by asking ourselves what did we eat for lunch yesterday? Is this a burger? Pizza is a vegetable sandwich or some delicious curry or rice.

Did you avoid good food? We all wonder what we should eat to stay healthy and fit. But don’t worry. In the next five minutes we will try to give you a complete picture about nutrition.

 Yeah every one that sounds sweet crap to me, Looks like but ant for me either.

 Not every living thing needs energy, just because we see animals like cows grazing in the fields, another example is that we humans get food two to three times a day. Now we eat all these foods to get energy in the body. So we can say that food is the fuel necessary for the body to function properly and for all living things to survive in order for living creatures to survive.

Regarding NUTRITION | impartial Diet Chart | Diet table in Quarantine Days

Activities like walking exercises, sports, dancing, climbing, etc., using the energy they get from the food they eat, but you know that the body also needs energy, even when we do not do any physical activities, such as sitting around and sleeping without doing anything.

Or meditating on the fact that the body needs energy for the biological processes that are constantly happening in the body such as breathing or heartbeat, so food is the basic need for everyone to produce energy as we humans have a variety of foods available to us. The easiest food to eat is glucose Here we say the easiest food because our body can absorb glucose faster and provide instant energy We all know that athletes and athletes who depend on this glucose syrup for instant energy are also given a glucose drip. Hospital patients also need this instant energy but we all know that it is not a complete form.

These foods contain starch which is itself a complex form of glucose and this starch is eventually broken down by the body into glucose and hence starch is absorbed at a slower rate than normal glucose molecules. But there are other families besides proteins other than carbohydrates like fats and vitamins and minerals so now let us look at the different food sources of this family because all the elements of this family provide energy when all these nutrients are present in our food in one form or another.

The right amount of food is what we call a healthy and balanced diet and the process of consumption. All these nutrients and the use of our body for growth maintenance and repair is called nutrition but if all these nutrients are present in an unbalanced form in a person’s diet. We say that the person is suffering from malnutrition but on the other hand if any of these nutrients are in excess then we say that it is more nutritious. We have all heard the term deficiency now deficiency occurs if a person only fails to meet the daily requirement of a certain nutrient so it is very important to have all the nutrients present in a balanced amount in our diet.

Food for a healthier and happier life so as promised we have given you all the information you need about a healthy death but just so you know that our eating habits have given birth to some unusual myths about nutrition like some people say that skipping breakfast can help you lose weight Helps but the reality is that research shows that skipping breakfast tends to overeat during the day so don’t go for the argument that skipping me tends to overeat, so now that we’ve uncovered this well-known myth with a very important fact, We just want to tell you one thing if you like this session to eat well and stay healthy .

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