Society teaches to keep sexually transmitted diseases a secret

sexually transmitted diseases

Society teaches to keep sexually transmitted diseases a secret

Ever wondered why all the advertisements for sexually transmitted diseases or so-called secret diseases are seen on the walls of public roadside public toilets, lampposts and local train compartments? But the answer is in the question The disease is secret

 So to keep it a secret In fact, the current social norms say that sexually transmitted diseases should be kept secret But then why so many sexually transmitted disease advertisements? Because, many times this kind of disease is not treated properly because it is suppressed The disease spreads. whay Society teaches to keep sexually transmitted diseases a secret ?

You will notice that many people object to the word sexually transmitted disease Since it enters the body through sexual transmission Usually, this kind of disease is transmitted due to careless sex outside the regular relationship That is why if you hide the disease, your uncontrolled sex life is also hidden But it does not cure the disease On the contrary, hidden diseases often spread to the extent of epidemics Exactly what happened in India in the case of AIDS

Society teaches to keep sexually transmitted diseases a secret

In the late eighties, AIDS was spreading rapidly in India There is still no cure for this deadly disease, but most people at the time had no idea about the lethality of AIDS. As a result, there was no awareness That’s why if someone is infected with HIV, they may not understand the symptoms at first Health workers at the time, in a series of days of routine surveys, found a specific type of transmission of the disease. In a word, truck drivers play a major role in spreading AIDS from sex workers and beyond. They travel from one end of the country to the other to transport goods and choose alcohol and sex as easy and cheap entertainment. They carried the AIDS virus from sex workers to their homes, to their wives. Inevitably the virus is transmitted to their offspring

Similarly, germs can be transmitted from an infected truck driver to the body of one or more healthy sex workers. And here the possibility of additional danger is created When a sex worker realizes that he is sick, he hides it One, for fear of being socially isolated, two, for fear that no one would come to him if he knew he was ill, that his livelihood would be cut off.

 Social workers today are able to stand up and reassure themselves that there is a danger of infection on the one hand, and fear of social stigma on the other, and that the real tool in the fight against these two is the socially disadvantaged sex workers. They were able to develop multiple safe sex practices, such as forcing clients to use condoms, which ultimately prevented AIDS.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the larger society outside the sex village There are still many mental barriers, many moral barriers to sexually transmitted diseases As a result, the problem is still going on

A recent study found that in some parts of India, the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among young boys and girls is on the rise. One of the reasons for this is the current reckless, reckless way of life, and another big reason is that in society, young boys and girls are often the victims of a class of people who are perverted in their own family or relatives. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Even open-mindedness prevents them from discussing their problems with their parents

So the disease is more in our mind than in our body Its roots have gone deep Only after getting rid of this reform will the real cure of the society take place

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