Tension headaches our Daily Life

tension headaches our Daily Life

tension headaches our Daily Life Everyone wants a happy life. Happiness is not always in life. Everything has a limit, so we don’t always have a happy life. Some tension goes away from grief. But this is a very normal thing. All of us are suffering from tension or human problems, no matter who we are. Sometimes we chill, party everything to keep ourselves well. But at the end of the day you and I are alone. The pain of not getting something is ending in my mind.
Even then we are quite happy with our life. We all want to be happy. But I can’t do that for special reasons. Such things happen in our lives. Karu money samyasa, Karu human samyasa, Karu or physical. In one way or another, I am in a dilemma.Since we are human beings, we have minds, so we must have composure and human tension and headaches. Ignoring all this, we have to move forward. Suppose you have a breakup, upset for GF, remember what to do?
Can’t call? Can’t speak

Chat more and more with friends, friends are most useful in times of danger. Life is impossible without friends. Share your words with friends. They will give you peace. They will make you forget all those thoughts.
You can travel, travel is very important to forget the bad days. Travel will help you to forget everything. Lose yourself in the beauty of nature. You will see that your bad feeling has decreased. You forgot what happened to you.
But you must do the table with friends. Take lots of photos while traveling. Eat plenty. You will notice that you will like it a assortment.
You have to convince yourself to give a to the mind, you are very happy, you have to do this filth.
You can watch movies, of course horror movies and adventure movies can give you all those movies.
It is very important for you to ignore all the places where the problem tension headaches starts. Such as where GF / BF works, or his college. Or a picture of him. If there are pictures, burn them.
Move on. Find a new partner, start your new life anew. A life partner can change your life. It is very important to choose a good life partner. That will understand you, that will take care of your tech all the time. Will convey you support to your past.
Give your family time, help with household chores. Take care of your family. One of the hardest things you can do in your difficult time is with your family. The family is the most valuable asset. Maintain this asset. Go to sleep on time. If you do not sleep, actually take sleeping pills, of course with the permission of a doctor. It will help you sleep better and relieve tension. Good sleep keeps you free from all kinds of tension. So sleep is very important.
Such things will come and go again and again in our life, so learn to enjoy this life without enduring yourself. Learn to share the joy of life with everyone. Then you will see that you and the people around you are good.
You have to be happy yourself and keep the people around you happy, you can’t be happy by harming others.

tension headaches

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