why am i gaining weight in my stomach

why am i gaining weight in my stomach

We like to eat. I like to eat fast food the most. These fast foods are as tasty to eat as they are harmful. then we are thing why am i gaining weight in my stomach.

We have to ignore all these harmful foods. Every day you have to eat self-sufficient food. The key to keeping the body healthy is to eat healthy food. The more fast food you eat, the more fat will build up in your body, and you will start to gain weight. When you get fat, you must look bad. Overeating not only harms the body, it destroys our physical beauty. You have worries when you get fat. How to diet. How to be slim. When you can’t lose weight even after trying a lot. Then you thought I wouldn’t be MB by. You get frustrated. Blame yourself. People around you look down on you. Seeing you, your friend says fat. Even in your married life your spouse does not love you. Don’t get any happiness in your sex life. Yes, getting fat is like a curse. You didn’t want to be fat. But why? why am i gaining weight in my stomach. This question stays in everyone’s mind.

why am i gaining weight in my stomach.

You get a lot of jealousy when you see a slim girl or boy. If only I could be. There is nothing wrong with being fat. But your efforts can bring you back to the way it was before. You have to suffer for it. When people get fat, people’s toilets become tan. Due to which people get fat. All those people’s toilets are clear, those people are very less fat. This samyasa is the most among us. Most people’s toilets are very tan. What you eat has to come out. If it does not come out then your weight will increase normally.

You need to drink plenty of water, drink three to four liters of water every day as a rule. You will see that your appetite will decrease and your need for food will also decrease. Many doctors recommend drinking plenty of water at the beginning of the diet. Our body needs 3 liters of water every day. Suppose a car runs on oil, so a man runs on water.

If you play like water rules, you will see that your minor physical problems will not happen anymore. Such as headache, weak body, low occupation. There is no deputy for drinking water.

You need to sleep on time. Make it a habit to go to bed as fast as you can without waking up late at night. Sleep is very important for our body. If you don’t sleep well, your mind will not be fresh. Makes the body worse. I don’t pay attention to any work. The mood stays bad. And if you don’t sleep according to the rules, you are more likely to have a hard attack. Six hours of sleep is a rule for a healthy person. Go to bed early and watch the morning sunrise. When you wake up in the morning, your mind will be fresh. The radiance of your face will increase. Morning weather is good for your body.

Get up in the morning and start jogging, you can do yoga. Yoga will refresh your mind and your blood circulation. You can start with a cup of green tree in the morning. Green tree is very good for health. Breakfast. You must have an egg for breakfast. In the afternoon you can have some vegetable salad. Vegetable salad helps reduce your body fat.

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